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the leading alternative to glass and disposable drinkware

HappyGlass develops and produces premium quality & innovative synthetic drink and serveware. We develop and produce products based on our philosophy only. This implies that we measure our solutions along a strict yardstick of premium quality and sustainability only. 

Our Premium Collection

About us

We believe in safe and innovative drinkware that allows the user to enjoy the moment. Our company was founded in 2015 with the goal of producing sustainable, innovative and premium drinkware products.

Care for the planet

There are currently over 150 million tons of plastic in our oceans and seas. The world needs to change rapidly.

In December 2018 the European Parliament and the EU countries jointly agreed upon a directive to combat the ‘plastic soup’.

Many countries and cities around the world have implemented a ban on certain types of plastic products due to their negative impact on the environment. Single-use plastic drinking cups are banned by EU legislation as of the 1st of January 2023.

Some plastics can take hundreds of years to degrade and can cause harm to our environment and living conditions if not properly disposed of. The goal of bans is to reduce environmental waste. Besides the ban on plastics, some cities and countries ban the use of breakable or shattering glassware at occasions where people’s safety is at risk.
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Care for the people

Safety is a priority.

Besides the ban on plastics, more and more countries ban the use of breakable or shattering glassware at occasions where people’s safety is at risk. HappyGlass products will never cut or hurt people. It’s the best alternative for glass.


Our Premium Collection

Meet our reusable drinkware family! Find the perfect glass from our HappyGlass premium never-out-of-stock collection.

Mister Gustav

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Tik Tucker

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Lady Abigail

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Miss liza

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Mister Vincent

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Sir Fredo

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Til Tucker

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Mister Tulip

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Printing | Decoration | Packaging

The Happy Glass Concept Kitchen creates high quality printing designs for your drinkware and uses advanced printing techniques.

Bespoke collection

Freedom of Concept & Design

Our innovative production technology offers our clients full freedom of design.
Customization-options are ample. Our Happy Glass Concept Kitchen creates best of class concepts for your drinkware needs. We have already created HappyGlass concepts for brands, festivals, hotel chains, sports stadiums, food service companies, event organizers and many more.

HappyGlass solutions fill a market gap between traditional glass and (single-use) disposables.

Design your own

Happy cases

Our solutions are relevant for various industries. They enjoy the following benefits:

● Green and responsible entrepreneurship:

    • Recyclable: reduction of waste
    • Durable: reduction of use of plastics
    • Local production: reduction of transportation

● Elimination of cost associated with breakages and replacements

● Lighter handling weight for staff

● No safety risk and claims due to breaking of glass

● Adding to brand equity: promoting your brand


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