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We are HappyGlass

Producers and innovators of sustainable & incredibly strong drinkware.

As an alternative to single-use disposables and breakable glassware, we produce our hyperglass products. Innovative drinkware products that are both incredible strong, non-shattering and sustainable for people and planet at the same time.


Our durable products are made of high-tech co-polyester,
foodsafe BPA Free material.

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Meet our family

We offer a variety of popular styles, including wine glasses, gin & tonic & cocktail glasses, beer glasses, water glasses, and tumblers. The right glass, design, color, and decoration will accentuate the distinct characteristics of your drink.

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Not really glass but really safe

Prevents accidents and injury

Besides the ban on plastics, more and more countries ban the use of breakable or shattering glassware at occasions where people’s safety is at risk. HappyGlass products will never cut or hurt people. It’s the best alternative for glass.

Bpa free

All products of HappyGlass are made of 100 % bpa-free tritan. Our products don’t contain bpa, bps or any other unhealthy bisphenols, unlike glassware that is made of polycarbonate.

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Let’s make it personal

We’re also proud to offer our customers a range of stylish and full-colour printing options. You can choose from all colors. Classic black or white print or opt for one of our numerous vibrant color ranges.


Please ask our team for the most convenient packaging
solution to fulfil your needs.

Freedom of Concept & Design

Our innovative production technology offers our clients full freedom of design. Our HappyGlass Concept Kitchen creates best of class concepts for your drinkware needs.

We have already created HappyGlass concepts for brands, festivals, hotel chains, sports stadiums, food service companies, event organizers and many more.

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When specialists meet,
magic happens

We have the pleasure to introduce a Joint Venture between HappyGlass and Ayano.

Every special occasion starts with a drink. Ayano is proud to be part of countless unforgettable moments.Ayano’s design lab is equipped to find the perfect visual and tactile experience for every brand. Ayano’s state-of-the-art production facility offers high quality options for all types of glasses and bottles. Through extensive automation, Ayano ensures cost-efficiency and provide safe working conditions. With its global network of factories, warehouses and agents, we arrange optimal logistics.

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About us

Innovative drinkware is what we offer. Happiness is what we bring to you.

HappyGlass is not just a name; it’s a gateway to your personal happy place wherever you may roam, whatever you may drink, each time you use our glassware

We are HappyGlass, we design and manufacture incredibly strong drinkware. HappyGlass is synonymous with exceptional design and manufacturing of incredibly durable drinkware. Our products are sustainable, reliable, and built to withstand the test of time. Say goodbye to fragile glassware, as we offer non-shattering, innovative solutions that are the perfect alternative.

We take pride in introducing our signature creation, Hyperglass, a material that surpasses the strength, elegance, and eco-friendliness of real glass. It’s the ideal blend of durability and sophistication, adding an extra touch of charm to your beverage experience.

"Cheers to you, yours and the planet! We toast on life, good spirits, friendship, family, our planet and our future "


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Bye Bye disposables

Complies with the regulations for all areas with a glass ban and a ban on disposable plastics.    


In December 2018 the European Parliament and the EU countries jointly agreed upon a directive to combat the ‘plastic soup’.

Single-use plastic drinking cups are banned by EU legislation as of the 1st of july 2023.

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