De Gentse Feesten & HappyGlass - Solving Safety and Waste Issues

The Gentse Feesten festival in Gent faced safety and environmental challenges due to accidents with broken glass and plastic waste pollution.


To address these issues, the Gent city council partnered with HappyGlass to introduce a sustainable drinkware solution. HappyGlass provided custom, reusable glassware for famous beer brands, which replaced disposable plastic cups.


The implementation resulted in reduced plastic waste, improved safety by minimizing accidents, and enhanced the overall festival experience. The initiative showcased the festival’s commitment to environmental preservation and eco-friendly practices.

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De Gentse Feesten


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Bye Bye disposables

Complies with the regulations for all areas with a glass ban and a ban on disposable plastics.    


In December 2018 the European Parliament and the EU countries jointly agreed upon a directive to combat the ‘plastic soup’.

Single-use plastic drinking cups are banned by EU legislation as of the 1st of july 2023.

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