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At HappyGlass, we are at the forefront of eco-innovative practices, championing the shift from disposable to enduring, reusable drinkware solutions. Our premium selection of drinkware is meticulously engineered from cutting-edge co-polyester, ensuring durability that promotes long-lasting use plus delivering unparalleled resilience that virtually eliminates the risk of breakage and enhances overall safety. 

We proudly present an high quality array of drinkware that marries style with substance. Each piece is not only BPA-free and guaranteed not to shatter but also thoughtfully designed to be kind to the environment. Our collection is versatile enough for any event—be it on a bustling terrace or a serene boat deck—ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Innovation stands at the core of our mission, with unparalleled quality as our unwavering focus.

Our team of experts is unwaveringly committed to contribute to a legacy of sustainability, fostering excellence and pioneering innovation at every turn. 


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What are the benefits for you?

Bye Bye disposables

Complies with the regulations for all areas with a glass ban and a ban on disposable plastics.    


In December 2018 the European Parliament and the EU countries jointly agreed upon a directive to combat the ‘plastic soup’.

Single-use plastic drinking cups are banned by EU legislation as of the 1st of july 2023.

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